Instant income opportunities

A Unique Offering

A one-of-a-kind offer in the document output market, adopted by 450 customers worldwide.
The only independent offering for document output production on the market.


noun_bar chart_1631497.png   Our partners gain instant business opportunities  

Together, we strive to leverage mutual growth opportunities shared between Mapping Suite and our Partners.  

Independent Software Vendors (ISV): our software suites and our Partner program can help you build your own solutions around our technology. 4 ISVs already produce all their customers' documents with Mapping Suite.

IT service providers: Mapping is the perfect solution to have in your service offering. A typical project includes a lot of customer support, implementation services and communication between the IT department and business process owners, as well as product training and maintenance.

Value Added Resellers (VAR): Mapping is a flexible solution which integrates easily with existing IT environments and fits all document output production needs without making any changes to existing applications and printers.

noun_Social_1809722.png   What makes our solutions critical to the business of your customers and prospects?

Their business is heavily dependent upon production capacity and system availability whether they provide services or manufactured goods. 

Without any transactional documents (invoices, cost estimates, statements) or transit documents (labels, shipping receipts, waybills) none of their activities would be carried out properly.

Their strategic needs include:

Ensuring that the content and formatting of the document is reliable 

Communicating through the appropriate medium to deliver the right information to the right people

noun_target audience_1619754.pngWhat markets do our software suites target?       

The need for reliable document output production is critical to all businesses and their departments, and as a result the target market is really large. 

There is no doubt your customers and prospects have been or will be facing document output issues. And when this happens, Mapping Suite is there to help.

Our Partner Program helps you qualify customer needs more precisely while we support you with finding new leads and therefore new revenue opportunities.



noun_Gantt Chart_463310.pngOur strategy is based on exclusive partnerships

Partners are the cornerstone of Mapping Suite's growth strategy: our goal is to make 90% of our license revenue from indirect sales.

The quality and commitment of our Partners is a priority for us. 

Our Partners (IT service providers, Value Added Resellers, Independent Software Vendors) are in charge of selling and integrating Mapping Suite solutions.

noun_Line Graph_164758 bleu.pngSignificant revenue and mark-up opportunities

Sell €1 in license, Gain €3 of extra revenue

Our Partners value us as key contributors to their growth strategy.

In fact, our Partners find that €1 worth of license generates an additional €3 in services charged over 25% more than the average price of services on the market.


noun_Partner_1748448 bleu.pngLong term mutual commitment

Our partnership operations are carried out on the basis of mutual commitment for a minimum of 3 years.

Sales goals and budgets are established as part of a joint yearly plan.

Mapping Suite support and the commitment of both parties is defined when joining the Partner program.